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Social, economic, legal and political issues that may affect the lives of people living with HIV, including stigma, discrimination, criminalisation, travel and insurance.

Political Strife Undermines HIV Treatment

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Science Daily
13 March 2013

Commonwealth Charter: What is the Queen signing today?

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International HIV/AIDS Alliance
12 March 2013

Prison inmate takes Canada to court over access to clean needles

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Globe and Mail
25 September 2012

Parties Settle Malpractice Lawsuit Over HIV Misdiagnosis

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Blog of Legal Times
23 August 2012

Porn Trial: This Time it's Extreme

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Obscenity Lawyer
30 July 2012

Sex work in New South Wales: healthiest in the world

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University of New South Wales press release
23 March 2012

SOUTH AFRICA: HIV-Related Deaths Slow Economy

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Inter Press Service
27 January 2012

Medicalizing HIV: Will Social Services Get Squeezed Out?

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New American Media
20 January 2012

Sales of HIV Meds Catch Lawmakers' Eyes

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City Limits magazine
18 January 2012

Fisting on trial

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New Statesman
6 January 2012

Indonesia: HIV traps women and girls in poverty

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IRIN Plus News
15 December 2011

Briefing on legal aid – what can UK community groups expect?

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Migrants' Rights Network
20 March 2011

Ten Key Global Policy Developments Concerning MSM & HIV in 2010

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The Global Forum on MSM and HIV
18 February 2011

Namibia: Directory for People With HIV/Aids

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15 February 2011