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Treatment is recommended for all people living with HIV. It involves taking a combination of antiretroviral drugs. This stops the virus from replicating and allows the immune system to strengthen and fight infections.

European regulator restricts use of d4T (stavudine, Zerit)

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European Medicines Agency
18 February 2011

South Africa: TV station ordered to pull 'miracle' ads

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The Sunday Independent
7 February 2011

4Q Sales, Trends for Key Bristol-Myers Medicines

Editor's pick HIV/AIDS feed
27 January 2011

ViiV Healthcare seeks partners for HIV drug in India

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The Economic Times
19 January 2011

New Intelence (etravirine) dosage approved

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31 December 2010

Gilead Plant Problems Detailed In FDA Inspection Report

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Wall Street Journal
25 November 2010

IAC: Nano-Sized Efavirenz Looks Doable

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MedPage Today
21 July 2010

New Initiatives From ADAP Crisis Task Force and Merck

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Poz magazine news
20 July 2010