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Co-morbidities, health conditions, diseases, opportunistic infections and other clinical problems that sometimes occur in people living with HIV.

Hepatic Steatosis Highly Prevalent in Young Adults With Lifelong HIV

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Infectious Disease Advisor
17 April 2019

Psychosocial Factors Associated With Persistent Pain in HIV

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Infectious Disease Advisor
26 September 2018

HIV Infection a Risk Factor for Lung Dysfunction

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Medscape (requires free registration)
5 February 2018

New Survey Finds People Living With HIV With Diarrhea Often Suffer in Silence

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Napo Pharmaceuticals press release
12 December 2017

Chronic pain common in people living with HIV

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14 September 2017

HIV Patients at Risk for Autoimmune Diseases

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MedPage Today
15 September 2016

Polypharmacy Hinders HIV Drug Adherence

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Pharmacy Times
29 September 2014

FDA clears Salix anti-diarrhoeal for HIV patients

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2 January 2013