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England hits WHO 2020 hepatitis C target three years early

Editor's pick
The Pharmaceutical Journal
18 April 2019

England: Countdown to hep C eradication

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Drink & Drug News
5 February 2019

UK court dismisses AbbVie's legal challenge against the NHS

Editor's pick
The Lancet (free registration required)
25 January 2019

Hepatitis C in England: 2018 report

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Public Health England
8 May 2018

Eliminating Hepatitis C in England

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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Liver Health
23 March 2018

WHO urges countries to scale up hepatitis C treatment

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World Health Organization
9 March 2018

New data shows relentless rise in hepatitis deaths

Editor's pick
World Hepatitis Summit press release
2 September 2015